About 暖暖蛇咖啡館 Café Flâneur / 𨑨迌咖啡

Milan, Italy 2005


On the road, I rest my body and mind in cafés.


When traveling from one place to another, in each new encounter with people, I expand my horizons and gain more knowledge of the world. In foreign towns, I prefer to follow with my traveler’s intuition instead of a map. Turning at each street corner, I delight in the unexpected. When I need a break I find a café and digest the day’s impressions. Though they’re not found on the menu, the people attracted to a good café are what make it special.  I enjoy watching them come and go, like seeing a film with no script. But I also I welcome a small talk with the café staff or other patrons. The kind of light chat you don’t feel burdened or purposed with. It gives you the feeling of company especially when you’re travelling alone. Or I might pick up a book and read, letting my thoughts drift or even turn to my next destination.


Café Flâneur is such a café for travellers. It is located in an old, quiet alley in Tainan’s old town.


We serve your body with coffees, teas, drinks and light food, and your mind with travel books, magazines, and information in town and beyond.

Either you are already on your journey or are about to hit the road, WELCOME!
Café FlâneurCafé FlâneurCafé FlâneurCafé FlâneurCafé FlâneurCafé FlâneurCafé Flâne

暖暖蛇咖啡館Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cafeflaneur
Café Flâneur on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cafeflaneur

4 thoughts on “About 暖暖蛇咖啡館 Café Flâneur / 𨑨迌咖啡

  1. hello 老闆 – 我是從新加坡來的朋友, we dropped by your cafe earlier in Dec with our mutual friend. 很高興能在台南踏入一個令我想起英國的地方, 也很喜歡咖啡關的概念. 繼續加油哦! 🙂



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